Business Owners

You’re running a business, there is a lot to do, so when it comes to certain financial matters, working with the right team can go a long way. From starting up to winding down, we can help along the way.

Group benefits

59% of employees say wellness and health benefits are important for increasing loyalty to employers, yet 37% of millennials and Gen Z say their benefits fully meet their needs” (Metlife)

DCA will customize the right plan and will continuously work with you to adapt and engage the plan to help make sure the plans are relevant to your teams ongoing needs.

Group Benefits services include

  • Brokerage services to find the best value to your needs
  • Learn and grow seminars
  • Administration support
  • Health and well-being workshops
  • Experience and usage reporting
  • Taxation Review

Group Investments

In 2021, it was stated that roughly 70% of employees will forgo a higher salary for an employer sponsored pension plan” (Abacus data, Healthcare of Ontario Pension plan)

Group RRSPs, Pensions and other investment options are an important building blocks to employee retention, loyalty and commitment.

Services Include

  • Brokerage of plan
  • Fund selection and implementation
  • Employer/Employee contribution tracking
  • Learn and Grow seminars
  • Direct deposits

Corporate investment strategies and succession planning

Did you know there are ways to invest your hard-earned dollar outside of traditional investments? As a business owner, traditional investment vehicles are not always the best way to maximize your assets.

Whether you are planning to retire, sell your shares or simply want to see your assets grow, working with the right financial planner can go a long way.

Working within the guidelines of the Income tax act, corporate planning integrates:

  • Passive income rules
  • Small Business deductions
  • Corporate structure
  • High focus on tax efficiency and corporate taxation
  • Accessibility
  • Return of assets and diversification

Business Protection

We know that running a business is not easy; you need to earn an income while ensuring the success of your business.

Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income; in the case of a business owner, that also means keeping the business going.

Do you have a plan in place if you are unable to work? Does your shareholder agreement account for uncontrollable circumstances? These are just a couple things to consider in proper business protection.

Important services DCA can assist with:

  • Key Man insurance
  • Buy-sell Agreements
  • Business overhead protection
  • Injury and Illness